At NFFT (Nutri-ForeFronT), all testimonials and product reviews are from verified customers spanning more than 10 years from different e-commerce platforms to our current website.

"Having been a customer, then an agent, and subsequently a sponsored athlete of Nutri-ForeFronT (NFFT), here is my sincere review of NFFT.

First, NFFT is run by a competitive bodybuilder, who competed and placed in local open categories. This was very important to me when choosing my preferred supplement store, because I know that I'm buying products from someone who uses and knows the products. This makes a big difference from merely buying marketable products from a businessman. Not surprisingly, NFFT initially carries products of a different range, from brands that are not really popular or widely marketed. For example, SCIVATION, HALEO, SYNTRAX and NFFT's own in-house products, these brands are not as aggressively marketed in Singapore, but upon using them, I found them to be top-notched!  Many customers keep coming back for more too. This is testament that NFFT prioritises bringing quality products to its customers, instead of just cashing in on selling the more marketable brands.

Lastly, as a customer I found that NFFT is very customer-oriented and provides value-added services.  The NFFT agents or director, all of whom are trainers or athletes, goes out of their way to personally deliver the products, and offer advice and tips as well to customers.  This was one of the reasons why I chose to become an NFFT agent, to share my knowledge and help customers achieve their goals.  One can simply do a delivery job, but nothing feels as great as contributing back to society and helping others achieve their goals. True to the company tag - NFFT EMPOWERS You!"

Danie Dharma - 2-time National Bodybuilding Champion 2012;
                          NFFT Sponsorsed Athlete and Agent

"Just a note to say thank you NFFT - you sell just what I want, but more importantly to say thanks for running such a good web site & efficient delivery service"

Kevin Chiak - Mr Singapore 2010

"I use Xtend regularly and it has been great for recovery, energy, but on top of that aids in maintaining that harder look we strive for. I usually take three scoops per serving and mix it with a 1.5 litre bottle of water. I try to do drink two of those daily. Its a known fact that loading like that, which is advised by SCIVATION does help one see better results. Try it and you will definitely feel and see a difference."

Bobby Tonelli - Class 95 DJ / Actor

"Fast delivery of products and carries my favorite brand Syntrax. NFFT house brand whey isolate is also awesome and one of my very first unflavored whey."

Seetoh Jia Xin - Trainer

"Love NFFT!!!! Best service best collagen drink. Everyone NEEDS to try it! Lovin this~"

Chloe Goh - Citibank

"Hi to all, i have been taking this product for two years already, things are not bad which improve me also. So if you happen got some question, you can drop them email also. Cheers and have a good weekend."

Jason Yeo LK - Interior Designer

"Not only did I bought my supplements here, made friend with the owner. Great guy with great knowledge too."

Izam Wani - Administrator

"The service is prompt and fast, n the staffs gives good customer support with recommendations on what supplements are suitable for my needs! Thumbs up and keep up the gd work with the brand new website!"

Marcus Tam - Trainer